Current Information On Our Worship Services
As of 9-9-21
The ministerial staff is monitoring Walthall County new case counts daily.  When the number of daily new cases of the virus falls low enough, we will be free to ease into a more normal schedule.  We cannot announce a date for more activities at this time.  We appreciate your patience and encouragement as we make difficult decisions.
  • ALL THREE WEEKLY SERVICES ARE OPEN FOR IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE:        Sunday Morning Worship – 11 AM                                                                              Sunday Evening Worship – 6 PM                                                                                Wednesday Worship – 6 PM
  • We ask that those attending wear masks, socially distance, and only sit       on rows that are available.  Our unavailable rows are marked with blue       tape.
  • All three services are broadcast over Facebook Live so that those not          attending may watch and listen.  The Sunday Morning Worship is also          broadcast over WTYL radio in Tylertown.     
  • No Sunday School classes will meet in person at this time.  Our pastor         will post the Sunday School lesson by video before Sunday morning. 
Tylertown Baptist Church 409 Tyler Ave Tylertown MS 39667 (601) 876-3436 Please visit us at our next service!